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“Excellent service! The staff of Bond Centre are hospital and considerate. The content of the training program is highly relevant to our needs and effectively delivered. Wish Bond Centre greater success in the future!"
---- Kunming Municipal Primary/Secondary School Education
Management Delegation, February – March, 2008

“The training program takes into consideration the Chinese context and the needs of the trainees. It is rich in information and adopts a variety of training of training strategies. The program covers both the macro and the micro of the Canadian judicial system. We have particularly benefited from direct interaction and exchange with the judges, lawyers and other legal professionals here in Toronto.”
---- Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Higher Court
Delegation , October –November, 2007

“The training program is well designed. It is geared to our needs. Through the presentations and visitations, we have a good knowledge and better understanding of the practices of urban planning in Canada. … Regardless of the differences in political systems and managerial practices, we have a lot to learn from Canada in the area of city planning and development.”
---- Wuhan Municipal City Planning and Management Training
Delegation, November – December, 2005

“The program has taken into consideration the agricultural context in Heilongjiang Province. The content of the training is practical and are applicable to our context. The presenters adopted an interactive approach engaging us in discussions of real issues that matter to us. We did not passively receive knowledge but actively explore those critical issues with the expert guest-speakers.”
---- Heilongjiang Provincial General Administration of Agricultural Affairs - Agriculture
Management Delegation, August - October, 2004